Effective word study methods

The learning process involves working with each word in the following stages:

  1. Looking at a flash card (word-translation);
  2. Checking your knowledge of the word’s meaning;
  3. Choosing the correct translation from among several options;
  4. Listening to the word and writing it down;
  5. Looking at a translation and choosing the correct word from among several options;
  6. Builder (build a word using the letters provided);
  7. Looking at a translation and writing the correct word;

After successfully passing each lesson, you won’t simply remember 20 words, but also be able to correctly pronounce and write each one.

The system regularly gives you the opportunity to re-study words you have learned at particular time intervals, depending on how successfully you have studied/repeated particular words.

We are constantly updating the method to make the word study process as effective as possible.