Browser extension for reading texts

Browser extensions from allow you to see the translation of any word or phrase with one click and easily add it to your personal dictionary on

To start using the app, make sure you have logged onto your account on Then go to extension settings by right clicking on the extensions icon in the upper right corner of the browser and selecting "Settings".

Once you are in settings, indicate which dictionary you want to add a word to. If you wish, you can also set requirements for the plug-in by holding the Ctrl key.

After following the instructions above, you can start using the plug-in.
There are three ways to see the translation of a word:

  1. Double click on the word or double click while holding the Ctrl key if so specified in settings;
  2. Highlight the word or phrase while holding the Ctrl key;
  3. Highlight the word or phrase and pull down the quick menu by right clicking (except in Firefox);


Google Chrome